Bible pdf urdu

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New releases. Add to Wishlist. We are proud to release the Urdu Bible in android for free. Urdu Bible Application is simply designed to make it easy to use. Internet connection is not required to read the bible verses. But if you have no time to read, this app can read aloud the bible verses for you!

Enjoy listening to God's word each day on your android device. Go with you everywhere. Portable and easy to use! Hope you enjoy the app! Try to install now, it's FREE! It is a collection of scriptures written at different times by different authors in different locations. Jews and Christians consider the books of the Bible to be a product of divine inspiration or an authoritative record of the relationship between God and humans.

The app contains both "Old Testament" and "New Testament". Search option is also provided for quick reference of King James Version. Forum has been included to have spiritual discussions. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Easy to read Bible with audio. My Bible. Enjoy reading or listening to the Bible in clear and readable English.

The Amplified Bible, audio free version. Christian Bible Apps. Amplifying Bible. Amplified Bible lets you read or listen to the Word with clear text and concepts. More by TheDailyBible.This Bible was translated from the original Hebrew to Hindi in It was printed by the Presbyterian Press.

However, this does not reduce the pleasure of reading the original and ancient texts! However, before the download completes, if you scroll up or down, during this time, the page WILL look a bit weird.

Wait till it downloads and all will be OK. If you do not see the book on this page it is probably because Google Docs has not loaded it. Please either refresh the page or change the page number and it should start to work. Index of the book please forgive any unreadable bits: this index is computer generated from ancient texts :. Thanks for the comments. We have added a few more original Hindi Bibles on this site. Jesus christ was a real God masanger on this earth.

If anyone follow the path ,directed by Jesus,will go to heaven surely. He will never take birth again and again. He will be free from the fear of death and birth. I ,Sanjay,pray to Lord Jesus ,please guide me on the path of spritulity. Bless you on your journey, Sanjay! No one comes to the Father GOD but by me.

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bible pdf urdu

Urdu translations and recordings are by Javed Irshad. A few articles in Sindhi are here. What happens when you become a Christian? The Fullness of Christ in Urdu pdf kb. Instant Christianity?

All-Encompassing Faith in Urdu kb. Rewards in Urdu. Children of God! G uarding your Heart and Mind in Urdu kb.

The Story of Adam and Eve - Bible Stories in Hindi - Bible Wonders - Bible Prophecy

Some Thoughts on Prayer kb. Motivation for Ministry kb. Seeking the Glory of God kb. Proving that Jesus is God from the Old Testament kb. Is God Male or Masculine? Suffer or Succeed kb. Equality and Unity in Ministry: 1 Corinthians The Chiasm in 1 Corinthians Part 1.

The Chiasm in 1 Corinthians Part 2. Leading Together in the Home Urdu kb. Is motherhood the highest calling for women? Advice to Newlyweds kb. Would you like to support my ministry of encouraging mutuality and equality between men and women in the church and in marriage? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your Email. Just google the titles. Urdu translations are by Javed Irshad.

Please share! Search for:. Become a Patron! Subscribe to Marg's Blog Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Read and Listen Urdu Bible Online. Written by Marie Wetherill and Keith Simons. May Written by Hilda Bright and Kitty Pride. Published In 2 parts:. Written by Gordon Churchyard. July Written by Marion Adams. February Written by Philip Smith. November A Bible text and commentary on the book of Joshua.

bible pdf urdu

Written by Brian Rowlands. April January Written by Hazel Rea and Chris Gladwell. Written by Helen Pocock. August March September Written by Ian Mackervoy. Written by Robert Bryce. Written by Robert Bryce and Robert Betts. October Revised February Written by Keith Simons.This is a translation of the New testament of the Bible into Urdu using the English script.

This is to assist those who are unable to read either Hindi or Urdu script but who can speak the language and also can read English. However, this does not reduce the pleasure of reading the original and ancient texts!

However, before the download completes, if you scroll up or down, during this time, the page WILL look a bit weird. Wait till it downloads and all will be OK.

If you do not see the book on this page it is probably because Google Docs has not loaded it. Please either refresh the page or change the page number and it should start to work. Index of the book please forgive any unreadable bits: this index is computer generated from ancient texts :. I am glad i found this website : God Bless your work and ministry. Is there nothing more up to date?


All the Indian Bibles we have on this site are all we have. If you need others please contact the Indian Bible societies who should be able to help. Did you check the site to see if we had the OT for this?

bible pdf urdu

NO — so why ask for what we do not have and what we give for free? Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes the first link was something I am searching for and thanks for all your help.

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Though the effort of your putting up something like this is commendable therefore I checked about it. The layout of the website possibly is not user friendly and bit basic therefore does not make easy to believe.

Any ways, I got the thing I was looking for and possibly the support is pretty fast that keep me getting answer quick. Your email address will not be published.

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Skip to content Search for:. Thank You, God Bless. Hi, Sorry we do not make calls to our users. To answer some possible questions: 1.A quick overview of the Bible including history and synopsis of the Old Testament and New Testament plus a list of the books of the Bible. The Bible is the sacred Book, or collection of books, accepted by the Christian Church as uniquely inspired by God, and thus authoritative, providing guidelines for belief and behavior.

But the Bible was not simply dictated word-for-word by God; it is also the work of its many different human authors. The different writing skills, writing styles, personalities, world views, and cultural backgrounds of the human authors can be seen in their works.

bible pdf urdu

Many of the New Testament books were originally written as letters rather than as Scripture. The Old Testament is the first of the two major sections of the Christian Bible. The Old Testament contains the sacred writings of the Jews. It was written over the period of roughly B. The Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language with a few sections written in the Aramaic language.

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This revision accounts for the fact that Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians use slightly different versions of the Old Testament.

Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, was born a Jew and practiced Judaism all His earthly life. Christianity began as a sect of Judaism and only emerged as a separate religion after large numbers of Gentiles had been converted.

The Jewish Scripture had predicted the coming of a savior, the Messiah, and Jesus fulfilled that role. So it is natural that Christians would retain the Jewish Scripture as part of their Bible. Sometime around B. The first few of these descendants migrated to Egypt to escape a famine in their own land.

After many generations they had greatly increased their numbers but had become enslaved to the Egyptians. God sent a great leader and prophet, Moses, to lead the Hebrews out of captivity and into the Promised Land of Israel. During this time God gave Moses the Ten Commandments which are still considered the basis for a moral life by both Jews and Christians. In addition to the Ten Commandments, the Old Testament lists many other laws about circumcision, dietary restrictions, blood sacrifices, Sabbath observance, tithing, social welfare, crimes, social behavior, armies, qualifications of leaders, etc.

These laws regulated almost every aspect of Hebrew life.


God intended for the Israelites to live according to His commandments and to show the truth of God to all the world Genesis However, time and again, the Israelites lost sight of their mission and lapsed into idolatry, sin or narrow-minded nationalism. On these occasions, God called prophets, such as Elijah, Samuel, Jonah, Isaiah and many others, to lead them back to the right path. The Old Testament writings make no attempt to hide the fact that the Israelites and their leaders had many failings and flaws.

Yet, through these flawed people, God was able to accomplish His purposes in the world. For more details: The Ten CommandmentsAbraham. The New Testament contains the sacred books that are unique to Christianity.

All the New Testament books were written in the Greek language over the period of about 50 to A. None of the New Testament books were originally written as part of a Christian Bible, but they were read at church services for instruction in the faith.

The collection of books we know as the New Testament emerged in the late second century, A. The church leaders accepted books they believed were based on eyewitness accounts of the events narrated, while rejecting many other early Christian writings. Eventually, the 27 books which form the present New Testament, along with the Old Testament books, became the Christian Bible as we know it today.

Jesus was born sometime between 6 and 4 B. He lived an ordinary life for 30 years, and then He began His ministry among the Jews. Jesus traveled from town to town, healing the sick and preaching about the coming kingdom of God.

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Read Urdu Bible Online, Bible in Urdu, Bible

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When it comes to the attack, the UP Yoddha have an upper hand over Puneri Paltan given their duo of frontline raiders, Nitin Tomar and Rishank Devadiga who have picked up over 320 points between themselves. Moreover, they have a cushion in the presence of Surender Singh, who plays as the third raider and is in prime form with a couple of consecutive Super-10 outings.

Their defence is primarily manned by Jeeva Kumar in the cover position with the young Sagar Krishna and Nitesh Kumar in either corner, both of whom have given some stellar performances over the course of the season. To complete the starting seven, Gurvinder Singh or Pankaj might be included in the scheme of things, to add depth to the defence. Puneri Paltan, on the other hand, relies majorly on their skipper, Deepak Hooda to do the bulk of the raiding and if he is to be rendered out of the equation the team will be in deep trouble.

Rajesh Mondal does thrive in pressure situations but has not been able to single-handedly rip apart the rival defence. Sandeep Narwal and Girish Ernak have been stellar as corner defenders and will look to continue in the same fashion. Young guns Monu and Rinku Narwal, both able all-rounders will also take to the mat alongside the veteran Dharmaraj Cheralathan. UP may have a slight advantage with their attack and if their defence comes to the party as well, they can well be able to keep Puneri Paltan at bay by primarily keeping Deepak Hooda and Monu off the mat for long periods of time.

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