Kenshi best polearms

kenshi best polearms

Quick links. But all that aside, Here you go! Table Includes: Lots of Money - gives playerCatz! Instant Fill Building Materials - Makes buildings current materials reach their needed materials instantly,and only adds 1 building material! Instant Material Production - Makes building output instant!

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Instant Item Production - Makes crafting output instant! If someone wants to make a trainer with this table they can, just give credit to me for the table, if you upload it. It will be the responsibility of the trainer up-loader to make sure it stays up to date with the table.

kenshi best polearms

Enjoy Guys! Made by TheTornadoTitan. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Please help fearlessrevolution. The latest version of the game is 0. Not sure if it works, but thanks for it. If going past makes the game buggy then why bring you to that point knowing this game levels stats all the time?

kenshi best polearms

Please update. And it allows you to change how much money you got. Being a newb at this, I don't know if this will work on any other computer, so just do normal search for money by trading items back and forth, and keep finding what writes or accesses it to find the pointer.

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For 0. If you have less than 8 people in all your squads, make sure to not click the "Main Squad" button until you have moved or deleted the "Character " that don't yet "exist" Item Stacks don't decrease if you get 2 of any item you can duplicate it, shiftclicking will fill up the entire receiving container. Researching doesn't use up research artifacts you still need the requirements Dual-Input Machines craft instantly when operated Instant Research stil does not ignore requirements I've not found instant building or single-input machine instant craft, let alone all the "ignore requirements for" spots.

Edit: no wonder, the update broke everything, I can't edit stats or money anymore.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Calheb View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Calheb ; 6 Dec, am. Greb View Profile View Posts. Polearms are good at both, although as expected smaller and faster weapons will usually win in a 1v1 situation unless the skills are quite unevenly distributed. The double tapping stunlocking of a light weapon means even a Rusty Ninja Blade can destroy a weak person holding a Meitou, etc. Polearms seem like a more common and less demanding version of your typical heavy weapon though.

Same kind of wide damage from longer ranges, big openings for other enemies to land hits though. I usually give my turret users polearms favouring the Naginata overall but definitely the frontline guards use Falling Suns. Favourite heavy weapon group slayer, that. Polearms are neat. They're definitely annoying in groups, especially when the user is also already a tank Megumin View Profile View Posts.

Use pole arm and katana when ur character still weak. You will find conflicting information all around because the game has been on dev for a long time and many changes were made. But to answer your question - yes! Polearms are great, if you want to use it, you will not gimp your char with it. No weapon class will gimp you char, except for blunt if you don't have a way to train dex. I gave the guy a plank at all stats 1 and soon he became a beast, just because of RNGjesus.

The guy lucked out in most fights and ended being the last survivor early plent of times, which made him have quite strong and the guy in which i relied to survive raids. A naked hiver with a low quality plank. So there you have it. Crazy things can happen, don't worry and play how you want to play. Learn a lesson from dwarf fortress - "Losing is fun" and go out there and lose limbs!

Is not useless, but with good strenght, heavy weapons raw damage or paladin cross may be better options. Edit: I agree in what iGoblin said, you don't really need to minmax in this game, just playing all characters will become strong eventually. Majo View Profile View Posts.It's great—just give our Kenshi review a read—and more than a bit weird.

And a follow-up to the massive post-apocalyptic sandbox is already in development.

Kenshi 2 is already in development

The Kenshi 2 announcement was made without much fanfare, hidden away in the Steam updates and announcements forum cheers, ResetEra. Lo-Fi was planning on working in peace without the pressure that comes from announcing a new game, but pressure from another direction made the developer reconsider. Kenshi 2 will be set before the first game, a whole 1, years earlier, letting Lo-Fi dig into the world's history. This is when the Old Empire was apparently top dog.

That's the ancient civilisation whose ruins you'll find scattered around Kenshi, so presumably we'll be taking a trip back to before the apocalypse. It will use the same engine as the first game, though it's being upgraded for performance.

The upgrade will benefit the original Kenshi, too, as it will be applied as a free update. Other features could also be shared across the games. Because a completely new engine would break everything and take another million years to finish," says Hunt. Not to mention a much faster release date. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Probably sooner thanthough. Fraser Brown.

See comments. Topics RPG.If you want to setup shop and start your own community, you need a good starting location. It's all too easy to starve, run out of water, or get slaughtered by wandering enemies. Not quite sure where to setup your base? We show you the 5 best overall locations, and then look at several other options to consider in subsequent playthroughs. Before getting into the specific areas of the map for using as a base, you need to keep in mind these four main things you need when choosing a potential location.

Note that specific resource amounts in these best Kenshi base locations may vary between playthroughs as they are generated differently, so you may need to move slightly from the exact spots we show below. The key is to pay attention to the biome type of the area, then check your prospecting map values to see how much of each resource can be found at your prospective base location. This is easily one of the best places for a new player going with the Wandering Trader character beginning.

From this position, its easy to go to the Waystation or ruined holy outpost for supplies and materials, and caravans pass by since its near the road. This one has more enemies to deal with, but can be worth the trade off. There's plenty of copper and iron and good opportunities to grow things, but lower access to water is the main downside, so build some wells. Make sure to defend or wall off two of three entrances to the area so you don't get overwhelmed.

Further east of our first plateau base location listed above, this spot with Greenbeach to the east and Waystation to the west is an easily defensible plateau rising directly above a river.

The best part is that there's only one way up, so you don't need to worry about building a ton of walls and creating choke points, since you automatically get one. Southeast of the Waystation, this area tends to be lower on the stone resource, but has high water and fertility.

There's one particular building strategy that can be really useful here. Try building your walls in a large semi-circle around a lake, then put your gates at the edge of the lake where the water meets the dirt. If you put turrets up above the gates, you effectively force invaders to move slowly through water and get mowed down before they can enter your base.

This is a different way to play that essentially forgoes the base at least until you've spent plenty of time on tech and crafting. Rather than starting your own base, just use Stoat as your base of operations until you can afford to buy a building in the city. This allows immediate proximity to shops and the safety of living in an existing settlement, while still allowing you to craft and send out your war party to get into trouble and search for loot. While those are our top 5 base spots, there are other places that work well depending on your play style and whether you are going with skeletons or humans.

In particular, these other potential spots are worth checking out if you don't like our top picks:. What's your best Kenshi base building location? Kenshi's Best Base Locations Detailed. Ty Arthur Featured Contributor. Published Apr. More Kenshi Content. Kenshi Game Page. Kenshi Articles.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kenshi Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 27 comments. There are naginatas and naginatas katana also.

Haplo View Profile View Posts. Also of note is that the blunt skill works now. Goweigus View Profile View Posts.

Kenshi - Weapons Guide

Found probably one of the top ? Last edited by Goweigus ; 11 Oct, am. Its only advantage seems to be a low weight so it may have a decent attack speed like katanas? Shidan View Profile View Posts. The main advantage of it would be its speed and reach. It's nearing the reach of a Plank or Fragment Axe, but with a similar speed to a Katana. But yeah, its damage does look a bit lackluster. Originally posted by Shidan :. Erei View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Erei ; 11 Oct, am.

Originally posted by Goweigus :. Last edited by Shidan ; 11 Oct, am. As far as I know it's the same between all the skills. But there was an overhaul of the weapons, so you never know.

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I may have to go test it tomorrow. Animals get some additional modifiers, so i'd guess they are actually the cause there. I started out with polearms i found in bonedog dens and I must say that fighting with them as starter weapon trains def pretty good.Home Games News Cosplay. Leveling combat skills is not as difficult or slow as you think, understanding how "combat level" is calculated is key to maximising gains.


Expect Strength, Dexterity, Toughness and most other combat skills to hit 70 and beyond if you have the patience with these repeatable steps. But how exactly does that work? Martial Arts: When unarmed.

If one is unarmed, his Martial Arts skill is his "level". It's that simple. So armed vs unarmed? Just take M. Martial Arts. This is the reason why it is possible to slow your XP gains to a crawl, if you have a character with e. In fact, if that happens in your dojo, it is most likely your prisoner actually gaining more Attack XP than your guy, because your guy is the one with the higher "Combat Level". Bottomline: Keep your Melee Defence low at the start, if not you will slow your Attack and Dex skill gains!

Defence is the easier skill to train later on, and just involves getting hit a lot by a high defence NPC while armed and well armoured. A small sized training dojo.

A larger, more spacious dojo. An outline of how a new, fresh recruit is trained in my method. More details and explanation in the rest of the guide. Strength toby hauling between 2 storages. Toughness to Home Games News Cosplay. Kenshi - Weapons Guide. Introduction One of the very first things you should do Assuming, of course, you wish to survive is to determine what type of weapon you're going to focus in.

This Guide will explain the different types of weapons and their strengths and weakpoints. Blunts The weapon of guardsmen and bandits alike, this class of weapons will be the most common weapon in [relatively] safe lands. They're extremely cheap to buy or craft, and they[With a couple of exceptions] solely deal blunt damage, which is ideal for keeping a victim alive.

However, blunts are also[usually] crudes weapons; They tend to be heavier then blades of the same size, and they are most commonly found in bad condition.

Sabres The most common bladed weapon class, it is a large, heavy defensive weapon type that inflicts a mix of blunt and cutting damage. Wary wanders and guardsmen will tend to use these along with a blunt secondary. Katanas The most deadly of bladed weapons, these are offensive weapons. Their lightweight nature requires dexterity to use effectively. Good quality Katanas are hard to find and are extremely costly. However, low-grade Katanas are reasonably priced and common.

Hackers Hackers are axe-like blades, frequently encompassing a Clever-like shape. These are rather uncommon, but they are brutal and useful for fighting, assuming you don't care about the fate of the victim. Polearms Probably the rarest weapon class, alongside the Heavy Weapons class, Polearms are spear or glaive-bladed weapons[With the exception of the staff].

Their long reach means they can go on the offensive against most swords and blunts, and they handle exceptionally well against all sorts of animals. Perfect for the average gate guard. Heavy Weapons These hulking piles of metal are extremely unwieldly for most everyone; The pure weight and size of them means you'll need both strength AND dexerity to use them.

However, a warrior who can wield one of these monsters is a terrifying foe; Their damage[Some use cut, others blunt, and even others both equally] is unmatched, and one swing with enough force can take down a whole group. Written by JaredTriesGaming.

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