Orbea oiz 2020 review

By Tom Marvin. Its MyO program also allows customers to have a completely unique paintjob for no extra cost, while componentry can also be swapped out to suit individual tastes. This follows what Orbea felt was the general trend in mountain biking over the past couple of years. Cross-country is getting gnarlier hence the Oiz TRand the Rallon was more successful than it imagined it would be.

orbea oiz 2020 review

The Occam could, therefore, focus on what a trail bike really needs to be: capable up the climbs and very capable back down, too. This alloy mule let Orbea test various set-ups. Future developments included the use of its own 3D printers and testing facilities to help get the new bike dialled as quickly as possible.

The key figures for a size Large with mm forks are listed below. The changes give frames that are almost one size longer in reach, yet with a seat tube roughly one size smaller for a given frame. This is definitely in line with where the market is heading: longer bikes are better suited to more aggressive riders and shorter seat tubes allow for longer dropper posts — and rarely have much significant downside.

Furthermore, Orbea says that the steeper seat tubes have been put in place to help with more technical climbing. This is to ensure frame stiffness was where Orbea wanted it to be. This would then have an impact on the effective seat tube angle, especially for taller riders. Adding the link meant it was able to maintain the geometry it was hoping for, while also adding a bit of stiffness, and only g to the overall weight.

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In order to fit a bottle, the cage bosses are offset by 10mm to the left. The rocker link itself has received a fair amount of engineering. The two sides are joined like a splined crank. Orbea will be offering both carbon and alloy options of the bike. The carbon version has a monocoque front triangle, along with one-piece seatstays and two-piece chainstays. By minimising the number of joints in the frame, Orbea claims to reduce the resin content and therefore weight, and improve the efficiency of its construction.

The medium carbon frame has a claimed weight of 2. Orbea is also offering a lifetime warranty on the frame, with no riding quibbles. The hydroformed alloy frame has a highly polished finish. This not only looks better but also reduces the number of stress-risers, so performs better in fatigue testing, according to Orbea. Finishing off the frame package is a rubberised chainstay protector, with waves along its length to reduce chain noise. There is also a threaded bottom bracket, Enduro Max bearings and internal cable routing designed to minimise noise and wear.

The mm of suspension is built around what Orbea calls its Concentric Boost platform. This is a four-bar system with the rearmost pivot placed around the rear axle. Remove it and the seat and chainstays can part, giving easy access to bearing swaps, as well as tool-free rear hanger replacement the rear hanger has a finger-operated lock-ring, and keeps the seat and chainstays together when the axle is removed.

With higher leverage ratios on the shock through the linkage, the Occam runs on lower shock pressures, which Orbea says reduces friction and therefore improves feel.

orbea oiz 2020 review

Finally, Orbea has increased the anti-squat figures on this single-ring only bike to give a more stable pedalling platform and reduced the anti-rise figures, meaning the bike remains more active under braking — which is helped by placing the brake caliper on the seatstays.Compare to other Bikes. Need more info? View our Trail Mountain Bikes buyer's guide.

Vital MTB. Clipless Pedals Flat Pedals. Saddles Seatpost Collars Seatposts. Glasses Goggles. Clipless Shoes Flat Pedal Shoes. Backpacks Hydration Packs. Related: Orbea Edit Tags Done. Orbea Edit Tags Done. Edit Tags Done.

Free international shipping available with minimum order values. Some exclusions apply. No match. International shipping available. Browse other Mountain Bikes Buy direct from the manufacturer No match. Browse other Mountain Bikes Free shipping on complete bike purchases continental U. Browse other Mountain Bikes Free U. Shipping available by country. Browse other Mountain Bikes.

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Size S - Review This Product. The Latest. Bike of the Day: Norco Optic 2. Sam Hill's Nukeproof Mega Most Popular. Remember These? Bike of the Day: Willkoed AB3 31 History Lesson: Chainsmoke Now Digitized 5.

Free shipping on complete bike purchases continental U. Free U. All measurements are provided in mm unless otherwise noted Available options: Jun 17, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Previously, Orbea offered the Occam TR, a 29er with mm of rear wheel travel and a focus on rollover and pedaling efficiency, and the Occam AM, a However, the engineers also learned that many people only chose the The extra strut reduces the impact on high-stress areas.

You can still fit a water bottle, which is accessed from the left-hand side. The shock link connects to a splined axle, similar to a crank arm connection. A built-in chainguide keeps the chain in check. Raised ribs on the chainstay protector for noise reduction. The aluminum version with polished welds could easily be mistaken for the carbon model. Pick and choose the color combo you really want.

Ride Impressions. Visit the high-res gallery for more images. WAKIdesigns Jun 17, at Assymetric frame design for the sake of the water bottle. No company has treated Pinkbike comment board so seriously before.

But it didn't appease the right handed bottle grabbers. I'm one of them, so this frame is a no-go for me. Not that I was in the market for one anyway. Hellchops Jun 17, at It's a hardly difficult thing to do.

SacAssassin Jun 17, at Assymetric this, assymetric that Four water bottles! Staktup Jun 17, at Then the mouse and internet came along.Compare to other Bikes. Need more info? View our Trail Mountain Bikes buyer's guide. Vital MTB. Clipless Pedals Flat Pedals. Saddles Seatpost Collars Seatposts. Glasses Goggles.

orbea oiz 2020 review

Clipless Shoes Flat Pedal Shoes. Backpacks Hydration Packs. Related: Orbea Edit Tags Done. Orbea Edit Tags Done. Edit Tags Done. International shipping available. Some exclusions apply. Free international shipping available with minimum order values. No match. Browse other Mountain Bikes Buy direct from the manufacturer No match. Browse other Mountain Bikes Free shipping on complete bike purchases continental U.

Browse other Mountain Bikes Free U. Shipping available by country. Browse other Mountain Bikes. Size S - The new hydroformed, polished-weld alloy frame is almost indiscernible from its carbon brethren, except for a few hundred grams in extra weight and its staring prices close to half of the carbon version.

Not only for a look that could easily be mistaken for the OMR carbonOrbea says the careful hand work minimizes stresses at tubing junctions. Besides the alloy frame, a new forged alloy link saves significant cost at a small weight penalty over the 59g Fiberlink of the OMR bike debuted last summer.

The alloy bike shares the same high single-pivot suspension design as the carbon version, relying on seatstay flex in lieu of an additional pivot in the rear triangle. All of the Oiz bikes feature the new hidden straight line hidden internal routing for a rear shock remote lockout.

Of course, the new affordable alloy bikes get the more angular, alloy link. The full aluminum Oiz H frameset is available in three complete builds, all with mm of marathon trail travel.

The H30 model appears to be great value for the money.

First Ride: Orbea's 2020 Occam Trail Bike is Light, Fast & Fun

Add a dropper, put some nice rubber on, and hit the trails. Very practical. And fun as heck. Also, can we talk about how those aluminum welds look waaaay better than the new CAAD bikes that Cannondale just released?!? Hope the new AL frames are stronger than the carbon Oiz.

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Orbea is not being very responsive to my local shop either. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account.

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Remember Me. Login with Facebook. All great mountain bikes are eventually improved or replaced, and the time has come for the Orbea Occam. I recently spent a few days pedaling the updated bike through the Spanish Pyrenees, alongside the Orbea design team, and I have some stoke to share on that below. The previous Occam took two distinct forms.

The long travel Occam AM was a The Occam TR was a shorter travel 29er or Enter the redesigned Occam.

orbea oiz 2020 review

There are no flip chips or wheel size options to fuss over. A few years back these were the measurements of a proper enduro race bike, and now we can have all of that capability in a tidy trail package. The asymmetrical frame brace forces riders to grab their water bottle with their left hand and is intentionally placed to offset the weight of a bottle and cage. Frame protection and silencing guards are spot on with this frame.

My first date with the redefined Occam consisted of some tight and technical shuttle laps above the secluded Pyrenees village of Nocito. I dialed in the suspension, adjusted the cockpit, and generally become acquainted with the bike while our guides from Basque MTB shared their favorite routes. With the same mm reach measurement as my personal whip, the bike felt familiar and cozy early on.

The svelt Occam felt like a nimble, enduro-ready machine on the rocky Pyrenees tracks. Well balanced reach and chainstay measurements give the bike the confidence inspiring stance I needed for the demanding trails we rode. Despite the smoother spots that our photographer found, most of the trails around Nocito are of the slower technical variety, where a properly balanced bike can make the difference between flow and dabs. For our second day of testing on the Occam, Orbea took a healthy bet that the herd of dirt-journalists all maintain a fairly high level of fitness.

Review: Orbea Oiz TR - The XC Racer's Trail Bike

Fortunately, everyone in our crew had pedaled during the winter months. The terrain shifted along the way, from slow-tech to the ripping fast EWS tracks above Ainsa. The bike was well prepared for the faster rocky trails, handling similar to most longer travel enduro bikes that are not as fun to climb on as this trail machine. I added a couple clicks of compression to the fork to keep the front end high in its travel, as I would with any bike on these trails, and had a blast throwing myself between the trees.

It felt like the tires were holding the bike back slightly. New frames like the Occam are more than a set of well-designed angles, precise suspension kinematics, and tube stiffness measurements.The takeaway: Fully capable enduro bike that climbs so well you'll enjoy earning your turns. Weight: More Images. Orbea may be best known for its road racing bikes, but its mountain bike history stretches back 30 years and features some impressive race wins. All the years of experience seem to have paid off with the Rallon.

I won't lie, I'm a sucker for a 29er enduro bike so I had high hopes for max fun on the Rallon. On paper, it looks like exactly the kind of enduro bike I like.


It features a carbon frame with mm rear travel with a mm fork, some of the world's best suspension from Fox, modern enduro geometry, tough DT Swiss wheels wrapped in stalwart Maxxis tires, and an ever reliable SRAM Eagle drivetrain. The bike reviewed here is a model. Orbea recently rolled out its Rallon M-Team build which is based on the same frame as the model, but has a few updates. The biggest is a 10mm bump in suspension travel at both ends.

The M-Team now has mm rear paired to a mm fork. The new link also gives the suspension a more progressive shock rate. The added travel changes the geometry slightly. Angles get a bit slacker—the bike has a As far as build kit on the Rallon M-Team it is hard to deny that Orbea hooks you up. One thing I really appreciate with this build is the lack of carbon wheels.

This might seem like a surprise but it's hard to beat a nice reliable set of aluminum hoops, especially if it keeps the cost down. The real star of the show is the full Fox Factory suspension with four way damping adjustment at both ends. Once dialed in the 36 Grip 2 fork and Float X2 rear shock soak up anything the trail throws at you, allowing for confident descending and cornering.

Another big win for me is the choice of mm crank arms. In the current era of low bottom brackets I think more bikes should come stock with shorter arms. I'm also a fan of the threaded BB, just for the ease of maintenance. I did swap to a Fox Transfer Dropper from the stock option—a painfully svluggish Crank Brothers Highline—for the improved performance. The other issue with build for were the Shimano XT four-piston brakes. This certainly is due to a personal preference, but I found myself frustrated by their performance throughout my time on the bike.

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Obviously, if you like Shimano braking you'll be happy with these parts.

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