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When it comes to buying the right custom trigger kit or kits for your AR, there are some things that you need to consider. First and foremost amongst them is what kind of situation you need the trigger kit for. Are you going hunting? Shooting at the range?

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Taking your rifle on the competition circuit? Using it to defend your home? The fact of the matter is that different AR trigger kits are going to be best suited for different situations. So what types of AR triggers and trigger kits are available?

Well, there are traits for triggers you can shoose between. The type of AR trigger kit that you end up choosing depends on some factors. First, you need to pick the best trigger kit for the job at hand. But you also need to be comfortable with the trigger or trigger kit that you end up using. Match triggers, also known as competition triggers, are a type of AR trigger kit geared solely toward the sport of match or competition shooting.

The kind of match trigger a shooter prefers depends on what kind of shooter they are. When it comes to their competition triggers and competition trigger groups, some AR shooters prefer a two-stage trigger because they like the feedback it provides them during the first stage of shooting.

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Others prefer to take single-stage competition triggers for their AR because they begin to engage the sear of the rifle as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger, meaning that they end up shooting just that much faster — which can be a godsend for competition matches, which might end up measured in fractions of a second. One of the first things to choose when selecting your custom AR trigger, is choosing between a single stage or two-stage trigger.

So what exactly is a single-stage trigger? Well, if you've ever fired a stock rifle or pistol, the chances are that you've fired a single-stage trigger. Essentially, a single-stage trigger is one that features no slack — it begins to engage the rifle's mechanism as soon as you pull the trigger. Some people prefer this sort of thing, and there's certainly something to be said for using a single-stage trigger as the basis for the custom trigger group you put in your AR One of the biggest things that people customize when it comes to the custom trigger groups they put in their ARs is the pull of the trigger, which is how much pressure is required to get the trigger through its single stage before it engages the mechanism and fires.

Pull weights can vary, are adjustable, and the amount of pull weight a shooter prefers is entirely up to them. When it comes to single-stage match triggers, some shooters prefer to go with as light of a pull weight as they can, with some triggers going as little as 1.

tactical trigger

It depends in what situation you may be using your AR In home defense situations, people often prefer heaver trigger pulls, around 4 to 5 pounds, while range shooters and hunters often time like a pull around 2.

As stated before, though, the best trigger weight for a single-stage trigger is the one that a shooter is most comfortable with. If you can, give your prospective custom trigger groups a test before you decide on the one that's right for you. As the name implies, two-stage triggers are trigger groups that have two stages. Squeezing a little harder beyond this break wall causes the trigger to fire.Polymer striker fired guns had been done before, but never succeeded like the Glock.

Since then the Glock has gone on to become an insanely popular handgun. Part of that popularity is modularity. Glock pistols in general have three different frame sizes, the standard, the larger, and the single stack. For example, the Glock 26 and Glock 17 are the same standard frame. There are differences in overall size, but they can accept the same magazines and the same internals. This makes it very easy to find upgradeable parts for any Glock. Today, we are looking and talking about the most popular Glock upgrade out there, the trigger.

The compatibility we mentioned is important, because you have to be selective about your trigger, and ensure it fits your Glock frame. Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear.

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The Glock trigger was quite interesting when it was introduced. A small piece of plastic blocks the trigger from being pulled unless its engaged by your finger. Other than that, they are incredibly simple. The Glock trigger works like this. When the trigger is pressed by the user the trigger safety is disengaged. The trigger bar then presses the fire pin safety upwards. This trigger is also fully cocking the striker. The trigger then reaches the disconnector. Once the trigger bar reaches the disconnector it drops slightly.

Vickers Tactical Glock Carry Trigger Glock Gen 3, 4 Polymer Black

The disconnector releases the striker as it drops. The striker then springs forward and causes the weapon to fire. This entire process affects how the trigger feels, how heavy it is, how gritty it is, etc. Each piece does its think, but one piece that affects trigger pull more than any other is the disconnector.Back by popular demand, the version 3. Immediate return and full refund with free shipping if it does not fit your commercial specifications. We strive to provide the best service and resolution to our customers with money back guarantee.

Customers are encouraged to read our product and seller reviews for more context. Contact Us sales formatactical.

Tactical Trigger Glock trigger install and safety checks

Try and shop with confidence. We offer the fastest free shipping and tracking and encourage customers to read our seller and product reviews. As a small business we strive to iteratively improve our product and provide our customers the best quality value. Customers have noted the trigger is "Better than Rise and on par with Velocity". The trigger is competition grade and has been documented and counting without failure. Our mission is to allow our customers in competitions to replace triggers easily and affordably.

Shipping: Ships within the USA only. Please contact us with any questions! Here it is, what our customers have been waiting for Version 2 includes casing updates to better fit a wide range of variances amongst commercial specifications as well as an updated hammer spring. Contact Us! Trigger, Hammer, and Trigger Guard are polished steel magnesium and coated with black oxide by the manufacturer. Trigger and standard black pistol grip A2 type are included.

Close search. Previous slide Next slide. Add to cart.Whether you have a Generation 3, 4 or 5 Glock, Apex has the answer, just choose the replacement Glock trigger kit that corresponds with your pistol. For an even finer shooting experience with extra smooth trigger uptake, pair these replacement triggers with the Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger for Glock. This upgrade creates less trigger travel across the board as well as reducing the reset distance and total overtravel of the trigger during operation.

The Apex trigger creates a smother uptake and reset cycle as well as providing a much crisper trigger break than factory Glock Gen 5 and Glock Gen 4 triggers. These replacement trigger upgrades keep safety values in line using a center mounted pivoting safety, so the safety level of your weapon remains uncompromised.

tactical trigger

Installed easily and performed without issue. Much lighter pull. Wing Tactical with the quick shipping and everything went smoothly.

Would recommend both the trigger and wing tactical. I own 5 Glocks 19, 27, 29, 30, 43among many others, and decided to not purchase any more due to their trigger. I took a chance on the Apex being able to fix my issue. Installation is quick and easy, and the price works for me. This easy to install trigger is a must for most pistols!!

This made my Glock 19 just come alive!! Highly recommend. Absolutely fantastic trigger. Put it in my g34 and it smoothed our the creep and gave a glass rod type break.

Great upgrade to the stock G19 trigger. Trigger pull about 4. I was unable to do dry fire exercises with the Apex kit.

I had to pull down on the trigger just right to get it to fire when doing dry fire exercises.

tactical trigger

It did work when I took it out to the range, however. All other parts of the trigger kit are working. I do have the Apex connector if you want to see it.Statistics claim the number of concealed handgun permits in the USA has increased dramatically in the past few years.

However, the main complaints about this weapon are generally the sightsgrip area, and the trigger. It is also known for its infamous dead trigger, a flaw which causes the pistol to randomly malfunction after firing a shot, keeping the trigger from resetting. Custom trigger systems offer a solution, including a consistent trigger pull by reducing pre and over travel and giving you a smooth shot every time.

On the other hand, some aftermarket kits will shorten pre-travel whereas they would lengthen over-travel. To cure that issue you should only add trigger stops to the trigger guard. Along with a crisp, clean break with every shot, replacement triggers dramatically improve the reset and provide smooth uptake without the gritty feeling. The main advantage of choosing an aftermarket trigger set is a drop-in concept, which uses a single housing to encompass all tiny components into one block.

This means you will not need expensive gunsmith services because drop-in triggers require minimal effort to install with a couple of quick modifications. As with all trigger mechanisms, you have two ways to improve them: replacing the trigger or purchasing a new kit. Although it depends on your preference, the replacement trigger is a much better option as it offers quick and easy improvements in less than an hour with tools you likely have around the house.

That is a decent amount for a defensive handgun and particularly in comparison to similar-sized, double-action only DAO semi-autos such as the Kel-Tec P11 and Ruger LC9. However, you may come across states that require a 10lb trigger, but in most cases, people just want to reduce the trigger pull on their CCW by a couple of pounds.

Besides lighter trigger pull weight, another improvement aftermarket triggers should provide is a smoother and shorter trigger pull than factory, with a shorter reset.

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Whereas Shield owners can install the upgrade themselves, a gunsmith installation is strongly recommended for fitting an Apex Ultimate Striker Block USB into the Shield slide. This Apex kit is made of a solid aluminum body and comes with a center-mounted pivoting safety to keep up the factory safety values.

Unlike some other products on the market, the Apex trigger is engineered entirely differently to stay within the parameters required for law enforcement approval. This Apex combination was designed to improve the feel of the Shield trigger pull for law enforcement officers by taking two pounds off of the trigger pull and reducing pre-travel and over-travel by about 20 percent.

If the 6. Additionally, this trigger enhancement is allowed in all 3GN divisions so you will gain a little edge against the competition. This Apex offering features a smooth face with a center-mounted pivoting safety to enable trigger manipulation directly in line with the bore axis.

Moreover, the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger prevents negligent discharge by creating a trigger block that will not disengage until the shooter places their finger directly on the trigger face.

Apex Tactical

The Apex AET model works with all 9mm and. It can be used as a stand-alone with the stock sear or can be paired with the earlier mentioned Apex M2.

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It reduces trigger pull weight in the While the kit itself is designed to be drop-in, you will probably need a gunsmith to install the ultimate striker block. Featuring solid aluminum trigger housing, this kit has a smooth, flat-face profile with a center-mounted pivoting safety. It also provides more noticeable trigger reset, a crucial feature for quick follow-up shots. The package under Apex manufacturer code consists of flat profile trigger, machined 2-Dot.

It also includes a Talon Tactical Rear Sight tool. While the Apex Flat-Faced Action Enhancement features a drop-in trigger system, the USB necessitates removal of the rear sight and requires some gunsmithing.

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The new Brownells Exclusive Action Enhancement Red Trigger by Apex replaces the factory polymer trigger with a red trigger body featuring a flat-faced profile. The Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger reduces reset length and provides a smoother uptake for a better shooting experience. The Apex Red Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger for the Shield can be purchased as a stand-alone replacement unit marked as part and will correctly function with the factory sear and other components.

Both of these Apex Tactical units are sold exclusively by Brownells. Currently, compatible replacement triggers for the Shield are kits and triggers from Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. Their drop-in trigger kits besides being a great alternative to the stock Shield, are reliable and designed for hard use, enabling a better level of shooting with this weapon. There are many video tutorials for aftermarket trigger installation, but we will add a step-by-step guide to make it easier for you.

After a safety check and separating the slide from the frame as in a regular cleaning procedure, you should perform the next steps like in the following video:. On the above list, we have offered an overview of only a few Apex triggers and kits just to scratch the surface of their huge offerings and ignite your curiosity and natural desire to improve your weapon.Designed for peak performance in high-adrenaline situations, the LE features a crisp, balanced break.

The single-stage trigger has a clean break and 4. Its fully contained, drop-in design makes it quick and easy to install with no special skills needed. This is your safe, dependable upgrade in performance. Installation Instructions can be found here. See our entire selection of high performance AR Triggers.

Includes free anti-walk pins. Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product. Facebook Email Reddit. Features Single-stage trigger system 4. Manufactured and assembled in our facility according to strict AS aerospace requirements, which are more stringent than standard gun manufacturing requirements CNC machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum Fits most.

If you do not use KNS pins, be sure to follow step 8 in the installation instructions linked below. The set screws should be used with any trigger pins. To view installation instructions, watch our tutorial here or read our tutorial here Our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you have any issues with a RISE Armament product, please email us at racustomerservice risearmament.

tactical trigger

Note: The center set screw should not be tampered with. Any attempts to modify the trigger will void the warranty. All Rights Reserved. Do you have all the items needed for your build?Designed for peak performance in high-adrenaline situations, the LE features a crisp, balanced break. The single-stage trigger has a clean break and 4.

Its fully contained, drop-in design makes it quick and easy to install with no special skills needed.

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This is your safe, dependable upgrade in performance. Includes free anti-walk pins. Large Pin Colt Style bushings. Please request for large pin bushings in the comments section when ordering or contact our customer support team at Manufactured and assembled in our facility according to strict AS aerospace requirements, which are more stringent than standard gun manufacturing requirements.

KNS pins recommended available here but not required. If you do not use KNS pins, be sure to follow step 8 in the installation instructions linked below. The set screws should be used with any trigger pins. Our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

If you have any issues with a RISE Armament product, please email us at racustomerservice risearmament. Note: The center set screw should not be tampered with.

Any attempts to modify the trigger will void the warranty. Leo — April 23, Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. LE Tactical Trigger. See Reviews. When things go sideways, you need a trigger you can depend on. This is that trigger.

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